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Clarion NX706E for 100% digital music and Siri Eyes Free in the car

Maximum quality for in-car entertainment and minimal distraction while driving: the new Clarion NX706E offers a complete list of functions and technologies, but above all the Made for iPod and iPhone certification that make it particularly interesting for users in the Apple world.

The new Clarion NX706E is already set up to work in conjunction with iPhone and iPod via cable or Bluetooth connection: in the latter case, the Siri Eyes Free function is activated which allows you to press the Voice button to activate Siri and all the voice commands for phone calls, reading Hands-free SMS, call forwarding, searches of any kind, including restaurants and points of interest, weather forecasts and music playback, all without taking your hands off the wheel and minimizing driving distractions.

Clarion NX706E offers 100% digital audio from source to playback, thus eliminating the loss of quality generated by analog conversion. Reads and plays DC and DVD, compatible with all major formats for multimedia files, including MP3, FLAC, MP4, WMA and many others.

The 2 DIN size system, able to manage on-board entertainment by serving different contents in two areas of the passenger compartment, integrates a 7-inch touch screen, GPS navigation with iGo Nextgen with 3D vision and 360 degrees of city maps and free access to the function of the Traffic Message Channel.

It can read photos, videos and music in the main formats from USB sticks, microSD cards via integrated housing, which is also used for cartographic updating. Recall that the new Clarion NX706E can also connect smartphones and Android devices via cable or Bluetooth to access all their stored content.

For all the details, visit the manufacturer's website: available from the end of May Clarion NX706E proposed at the price of 949 euros.Clarion NX706E icon 700