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Blackberry beats iPhone in the US

Blackberry beats iPhone in the US logomacitynet1200wide 1

Rim dominates the ranking of smartphones in the USA. The overwhelming power of the Waterloo company in the first quarter certified by NPD which has drawn up a report that sees the Blackberries in the first, third and fourth places of the ranking.

According to the analysis company, Rim has grown by 15% and now the phones produced by it reach almost 50%; a total of 7.8 million Blackberries were sold in the March quarter. The figure was achieved thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign, says NPD, which granted a free phone for each Blackberry purchased. In the first place there are consumer products, those of the Curve series, followed in third place by the Storm. Behind the Pearl.

The most interesting aspect that the Curve (a range made up of different models) have undermined iPhone from the first place. Apple's phone lost 10% of the market during the second quarter, the same percentage left on the ground by Palm. iPhone in the US totaled 3.8 million sales, just over half of Blackberry sales. Worth noting is the fifth place in the ranking of T-Mobile's G1 based on the Android operating system.

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