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Best Ceakia Tweaks for iOS 7: CustomLS, to customize the iOS 7 Lockcreen


Download tweak CustomLSda Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 7 with Jailbreak: to personalize the Lockcreen of iOS 7

CustomLS: customize the iOS 7 Lock Screen for free | Cydia

Here we are at a new appointment with ibest tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today we are talking about CustomLS, a new tweak that has just been released for iOS 7.

The tweak in question, as can be seen from the name, allows you to completely customize the lockscreen of your iPhone, iPod and iPad.Let's see what it offers and how it works.

customlsprefs "src =" "width =" 300 "height =" 772 "/></p><p style=As we have already anticipated, CustomLS is an interesting tweak that allows you to customize the appearance of your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

CustomLS, available for free, in particular provides several options to customize the lock screen (also known as lockscreen) of the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

But how does CustomLS work? In a very simple way: after installing the tweak an additional menu will appear in the settings, through which you can customize and modify various aspects of the losckreen of your Apple devices.

In particular, the tweak allows us to make any element disappear from the lock screen: the clock, the writing scroll to unlock, the icon of the camera, that of the Control Center and so on.

The most interesting function for the one that allows us to change the text that indicates the gesture to unlock the iPhone. Instead of scrolling to unlock we can in fact insert any text such as our name.

Free CustomLS and present in the BigBoss repository.

CustomLS a tweak very simple to use, which does not require configuration, but at the same time very comfortable and very useful. Among Cydia's best tweaks without a doubt.

Obviously pto use this tweak you need a device updated to iOS 7 and with Jailbreak.

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