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Bento the database for the rest of us now for iPhone and touch

FileMaker Bento represents for databases what iTunes has brought to music and iPhoto to photographs: as regards data management, information archives and cataloging, Bento is the program that completes Apple's iLife suite. After the Mac version FileMaker now offers the same powerful data management functions also on iPhone and touch.

In addition to advanced contact management, with Bento you can manage contacts and information of club members, archive and catalog any type of collection, documents and data. The applications of Bento are practically infinite: the choice and application are actually established by the user who can use its functions both for the interests and passions of free time, and for work activities. Bento on iPhone and touch maintains all the main functions seen on Mac: 20 database models ready to be used, to start immediately and customize according to user needs, support for 15 different field types for insertion and data storage. In addition to texts, numbers, dates, times and durations, sounds, images, video clips, check boxes, prices, phone numbers and much more are supported.

Like Bento for Mac, perfectly integrated with Apple's applications, Bento for iPhone and touch also communicates two-way with Contacts, Safari, Mail and Google Maps. Any changes or updates made in Bento automatically reported in the contacts, while from Bento with a tap on a real address, a website or an email are automatically opened Google Maps, Safari and Mail.

Bento for iPhone and touch can be used completely independently from the computer to manage school, office, diets and diaries projects, collections and collections of objects and even digital files and media, to organize and keep track of any complex project, from expense reports or a database of products, to club members and initiatives, and so on. For users who already use Bento on Mac, the integration of the iPhone and full touch version. In this case the projects and archives created with Bento on Mac are available to us everywhere, to be consulted and updated on the fly on iPhone and touch with data and information that are automatically synchronized when the paperback connected to the computer.

For a more in-depth examination of the functions offered by Bento, we refer readers to this Macitynet review: the main functions remain almost identical even in the iPhone and touch version.

Bento works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.2: while the commands are only in English, the models and synchronization are also available and supported in Italian. It can be purchased for € 3.99 directly on this App Store page.