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Belkin thinks again: WeMo products will not be compatible with HomeKit

Belkin's WeMo line will not be compatible with Apple's HomeKit. The company confirms this in a letter – discovered by MacRumors – sent in response to a customer who had asked for information on the integration of the support announced last January.

We have tried to integrate HomeKit into our products, but to date we have not found a way to make the WeMo line fall within Apple's guidelines. A software or firmware update would not be sufficient as the system support requires a specific hardware component reads in the message shared on Facebook This means that we should launch a new line of products specific for HomeKit to be added to the existing one, with the consequence that all of our customers should buy new ones if they are interested in supporting Apple's system.

Belkin, apologizing for the disappointing news, therefore makes it known that he has temporarily paused the upgrade, waiting to find a system to be able to integrate HomeKit into existing and future devices.

Belkin WeMo HomeKit

Apple appears to be very demanding in terms of security requirements that must be included in HomeKit compatible products. End-to-end encryption, Bluetooth LE and the other specifications listed in the official documentation could be some of the reasons why HomeKit products come to the market slowly, especially if we consider that the platform was launched around the middle of 2015.

As for the WeMo product line, consumers who may have already invested hundreds of euros in household products are paying for the consequences of this novelty, aware that a compatibility with HomeKit would soon arrive and that instead, according to recent statements, it will probably never come.

Belkin WeMo HomeKit