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Barisieur, on Kickstarter the alarm clock that also makes you coffee

Barisieur, on Kickstarter the alarm clock that also makes you coffee barisieur

If your dream has always been to be awakened by the scent of coffee, laBarisieur could turn the dream into reality. In fact, the funding campaign was launched on Kickstarter to produce this singular alarm clock that allows you to be put back on your feet as well as by the sound even from a cup of coffee (or t).

LaBarisieur indeed includes a heated plate on which it is possible to lay an ampoule containing water ready to boil. At the stroke of the right hour, the water will begin to heat up and reach the boiling point, the liquid will rise through the glass tube to immediately pour into the filter inside which the coffee or tea had previously been placed, before bedtime.

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Just wait a few minutes to have the drink available, obtained in this case by percolation, hot and freshly extracted, pronao to be drunk as soon as you get up, for an energizing shake. You can also dedicate another ampoule to add milk, while inside the alarm clock body there is a drawer for containing coffee or sugar powder.

With a style capable of combining the modern of new technologies with an analog appearance as a "little chemist", laBarisieur requires at least 380 thousand pounds to be financed; at the time of writing, 144 thousand were collected. Anyone interested can have his Bararisieur – if the campaign is successful – for no less than 265 pounds. Below is the presentation.

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