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Balance: full accelerometer game for iPhone and touch

Let's take a console game, to be precise for the Ninentendo Wii with the same attention to detail and playability that made it famous and appreciated all over the planet: let's convert it for iPhone and touch using the accelerometer, the touch-sensitive screen and the excellent graphic qualities of the Apple paperbacks. This is not a software engineering experiment but an operation carried out by the Fishing Cactus programmers for the title Balance.

In the game we control 5 different types of ball by changing the inclination of the iPhone / touch: even if the basic idea similar to other titles available for some time, Balance is original because it pushes the player to explore the game levels, taking advantage of the points of strength of the different balls available and possibly avoiding their weak points. For example, the stone ball is very fast and resistant but if it falls beyond a certain height it goes into a thousand pieces, or the resistant but slower paper ball and so on for the steel ball and other available materials. It is up to the player's skill to carefully calibrate the speed of the ball which must be sufficient to overcome jumps and leaps in the void, but not too high not to risk destroying the ball.

In each game scheme it is necessary to reach the final goal by exploiting not only the various platforms but also rebounds, cannons, tele-transport, springs to jump higher, shower heads and much more. As in all arcade titles, the elementary difficulty in the first schemes in which the player learns to master the commands and characteristics of the different balls, and becomes more and more difficult as you progress through the level. Unlike for any title seen to date, in Equilibrium it is possible to set aside a level that you cannot really pass to go directly to the next one, thus eliminating the frustration of the stall. It will then be possible to face the missing screen when we think we have the ability or the knowledge to do it. In addition to the balls in 5 different materials, the game offers 60 levels, three different game modes, 20 unlockable trophies, a record table and much more to keep you busy and enticing you to play and play for a long time.

Balance proposed these days at the discounted price of 1.59 euros starting from this App Store page, instead of the official price of 2.99 euros. Recall also that also available the free Lite version downloadable from here that offers the first 15 game levels.