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ATI will be a year of growth

marzo 19, 2020

ATI, will be a year of growth logomacitynet1200wide 1

ATI could increase its market share by 40% in 2002. The Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes said it by citing nationalist China sources, in particular CP Technology, which works in close synergy with ATI by assembling graphics cards for the Canadian giant. which remains largely the leader in laptops with 65%, will benefit from an increase in sales in the desktop sector going up from the current 30% and eroding positions in Nvidia, says CP Technology. The push would come from a series of new processors called RV250 and intended for new graphics cards that will arrive midway through the current year. The new processors will be capable of 1.5 times higher performance than those supplied with Radeon 8500 cards. Before the end of the year, ATI should also release RV300 and RV350 processors. These would be new generation chips and intended to bring the performance of the cards based on the Canadian company's processors to even higher levels.

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