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Atari, the gaming myth will launch smart home devices

Atari, the myth of games will launch smart home devices Atari

Atari, the historical name of the video game and hardware industry for gaming, makes its entrance into the home automation sector. In collaboration with SIGFOX, a French company specializing in wireless networks and low-consumption connected objects for the Internet of Things (IoT), it has announced a partnership for the development of a series of new connected devices that will be marketed under the Atari brand.

For SIGFOX, this is a good marketing move. Its products are widespread but the Atari brand will certainly give a boost and greater visibility to the devices. The idea was to propose the Atari brand for various types of objects, including smart and complex devices that allow users to know their position and operating status. We will start from products for the home, for the control of pets and health, devices presented by the manufacturer as able to boast great autonomy, simplicity of coupling and connection to the network.

Atari, the company created by the legendary Nolan Bushnell, has lived several lives and changed "skin" several times, most of the time unable to manage a wealth of ideas and incredible people. No longer the shining and luxuriant company of the past, and the current one appears to be yet another attempt to restore splendor to the brand that has repeatedly faced financial problems of various kinds …

Nolan Bushnell (the first to believe and finance the satellite navigation sector) currently consultant for the mobile manufacturer Stil, a company that is expected to launch some new games for the mobile sector in 2017.

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