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Apple withdraws the release on GeForce4

Apple withdraws the release on GeForce4 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Apple press release stating the availability of GeForce4 'Titanium' cards for the PowerMac G4 only 'survived' a few hours. During the night, in fact, the Cupertino company gave orders to withdraw the announcement that appeared on PRNewswire. The official reasons would be related to some unspecified 'errors' contained in the same press release, as can be read in a second announcement that appears on the site under the heading, usual for this type of 'KILLKILL' situations. a release not a normal step when it comes to corrections. Usually new press releases are issued containing the correct data, while Apple yesterday did not follow any corrections.It seems to understand, however, that more than an error in compiling the press release it was a hasty release perhaps the result of a misunderstanding. During the day yesterday, in fact, Nvidia had to announce the details of the new graphics processors to the reporters gathered in San Francisco. The meeting should have taken place, as far as can be known even if in all likelihood the journalists themselves were asked not to reveal anything until today when, as we learn on the Nvidia website, the cards should appear. A tactic that will perhaps be combined with some other form of advertising launch and marketing support. Among these also the release of cards based on GeForce4 In this context it seems more than likely that Apple has 'misunderstood' by releasing the details on 'its' GeForce4 on the day of the presentation to journalists when instead it had to announce the card only later today. Confirmations or denials to this interpretation of the facts we may have during the day. It will be easy to verify whether Apple really makes corrections to the press release released today or if, as it seems very likely, it will distribute it in exactly the same form as yesterday.

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