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Apple to iPhone developers: "push notifications tested"

Apple to iPhone developers: "test push notifications" logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a message sent to registered developers of the iPhone program later today, Apple announced that it has started testing push notification technology.

The service, one of the distinctive themes of iPhone Os 3.0. takes place using a pre-release version of an Associated Press application. The notifications will pass from the news agency servers and will be collected by iPhone Os 3.0 (beta 5 required); developers are invited to measure system performance and report bugs for seven days after which the experiment will be terminated and the application will stop working.

The initiative evidently aimed at creating a large-scale experiment of a technology that in the past must have already given Apple some problems given that Cupertino delayed its launch by several months. Recall that initially the Apple estimated the introduction of the functionality for September, which was subsequently not respected.

Push notification generally works like an instant message and uses similar technology. An application is warned of an event as a result of which a message appears in the form of a 'comic' (similar to an SMS) on the iPhone. Apple has embarked on this path as a substitute for multitasking deemed too complex to implement without affecting the fluidity of the user experience, system performance and battery life. Push notification reduces the load on the processor and consumes a minimum amount of bandwidth.

Recall that according to some sources, however, Apple would also be working on a parallel system capable of running some applications in the background, but for now we are only dealing with rumors not confirmed by Cupertino.

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