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Apple Stores closed until further notice for coronavirus

Last weekend the multinational company from Cupertino announced that the Apple Stores would remain closed until March 27th due to the coronavirus epidemic, indicating the possible reopening for March 28th, now for Apple it changes its plans informing that the Apple Stores will remain closed until further notice. The note published in a banner on the main web page in the USA and in other states: at the time of writing we have not yet appeared on the website of our country.

Users can still continue to make purchases through the Apple Store online and also through the Apple Store app, as well as by phone by calling 800 554 533. The Apple assistance and support system, available from this page, continues to function. You can call, chat or email with an expert right away, or ask to be called back when best for the customer.

Apple Stores closed until further notice for coronavirus

Apple's plans follow the evolution of the coronavirus emergency, now widespread on a global scale. The FAQ published by Apple in the past few hours still indicates that the closure of all the Apple Stores in the world, excluding China, will continue until March 27, extending the time for the return of 14 weeks starting from the reopening indicated for March 28.

Taking into account that the company now indicates Apple Stores closed until further notice, it is possible that the reopening for March 28 could only take place in some states and for some stores, while elsewhere the forced closing period could be prolonged according to the local situation of the epidemic .

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In China, where coronavirus has started to spread, the number of infections has significantly decreased and at the only time, the country in which all Apple stores are open, even if they are open during limited hours. Italy was the second country most affected by the epidemic, with the total closure of Apple stores announced on March 12, while for the rest of the world the closure was announced on March 14.

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