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Apple says "no" to an update of the Nine Inch Nails app

Even the Nine Inch Nails fall into the censorship "trap" of the App Store: the update of "nin: access", the application that the band made available some time ago on the Cupertino store, was refused.

To announce the news Trent Reznor, the leader of the American group, with a communication published on Twitter. According to what has been learned, Apple would have found the contents related to the album "The Downward Spiral" questionable, a rather old work that from the beginning had been the subject of criticism for its nihilistic references. It is precisely the mechanism and the exaltation of the crisis of values ​​that transpires from the texts, which would be the reason for the refusal. In reality, several observers note that songs from The Downward Spiral, one of the best known works of the Nine Inch Nails, are also present in the first version of the App still freely available.

Beyond the reasons that pushed Apple to prevent the update of nin: access, the story is causing several media to revive the accusations of arbitrariness in the judgments that regulate the approval mechanisms on the application store. In particular, there is the possibility that approvals and non-approvals are the result of decisions of individual individuals each with different sensitivities and not of a precise and understandable process always identical to itself. This would generate an approximate system, which would not allow developers to rely on a reliable and logical yardstick; in short, those who make applications for the store would be at the mercy of the often changing moods (or beliefs) of those who carry out the revision of their work.

Just a few days ago Cupertino had been at the center of a controversy born from the release of Baby Shaker; the program, which consisted of shaking children to make them stop crying, was first made available then, under pressure from public opinion, was withdrawn while Apple was forced to make unusual public apologies.