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[Apple Rumors] iPhone 6 will be all in Sapphire and there will not be an iPhone …


[Apple Rumors] iPhone 6 will be all in Sapphire and there will be no iPhone 6C

New rumors about Apple's next iPhone, in fact, the sixth version of the world's best-selling smartphone will probably be builtor entirely in sapphire, at least according to an Apple patent that explains how to make an iPhone display entirely in sapphire crystals, while production is about to start in Arizona.

It would seem all ready to start production of the first test devices of theiPhone 6 and just today this patent appeared on the net which would certify its Sapphire construction for the most elegant iPhone ever.

Furthermore, in this patent the only construction technique is not shown to me, it also includes the documents necessary to start the production plants in Arizona.

Already on iPhone 5 they are present sapphire crystals in the camera and among the advantages of this material there are the correct management of the light and a very reduced inclination to scratches, as is also the case on the TouchID of the iPhone 5S.

In this patent, called Sapphire Window, presented at the Patent And Trademark Office, Apple illustrates how to use crystals for the display glass of an iPhone, as well as for the camera.

The choice would be revolutionary given the high strength and solidity of this material that would make it one of the strongest but also most sensual smartphones on the market.

Direct competitor of this new technology for building smartphones is certainly Corning, the current manufacturer of the famous Gorilla Glass who kept us to specify how the third version is more resistant than the material wanted by the bitten apple and with lower costs.

In short, we will see some beautiful ones in this 2014, not so much for the hardware revolution, which now seems sufficient at the moment, as much as for the modification of design and materials to assemble the new smartphones like the Galaxy S5 could anticipate all of them in about 1 month.

Also from what is learned from some analysts, the iPhone 5C may not have a successor, given that in order to make the plastic iPhone attractive, the price should be lowered and this is not in Apple's policy so the C series should see the early death with the iPhone 5C.

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