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Apple re-releases the release on GeForce4

marzo 19, 2020

Apple re-releases the press release on GeForce4 logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the official release of the details of the new GeForce4 also Apple can re-release its press release on the additional board for PowerMacs. The announcement, presented yesterday and then withdrawn for not better clarified "errors" present in it, was issued this morning at 8.30 Pacific time. At first glance it would be said that, as we assumed this morning, the release is identical to that of yesterday.In fact, all the specifications released yesterday (128 MB of Ram, 4.9 billion pixels per second, 1.23 trillion operations per second are confirmed. The prices are also confirmed: 250 dollars more if you choose to build to order with PowerMac 933 and Dual 1 GHz, $ 350 if you order it with 800 MHz. In the spring there will also be a kit that will offer the card to all owners of Macs with AGP 4X slot at the price of $ 399. then confirm the thesis of those who, like the writer, the only "error" contained in the previous release was its release time, anticipated by a day compared to the announcements of Nvidia

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