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Apple, no new Macs until summer

Apple, no new Macs until summer logomacitynet1200wide 1

No new products at the MacWorld Expo in Tokyo. Apple cuts short and immediately cuts any possible speculation about renewals of the hardware range. To close the discussion on the topic that was beginning to take hold in some sites dedicated to indiscretions, the Hardware Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak. "We have updated all the products of the our quadrant – Joswiak told Maccentral – it would make no sense to get our hands on it again. ”Apple in the coming months and, presumably until the next MacWorld in New York, will focus its attention on a strategic aspect: gaining attention from the world Windows snatching users from the PC universe. A decisive factor, Joswiak said, will be the Apple stores that in the US will increasingly have to be placed in strategic positions. Meanwhile, according to Joswiak, the new range of Apple is enjoying great success. Orders for the new iMacs are now hundreds of thousands and followed by orders for the new PowerMac range. "The response from the public to the Pro range – said the head of hardware marketing – has been phenomenal"

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