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Apple iPad Pro 2020: 6GB of RAM and U1 chip for all models

marzo 19, 2020

There is still something to discover on the iPad Pro 2020 and it concerns the memory supply and the sector connectivity. Apple never reports in the official data sheet the amount of RAM of the iPad (and iPhone) and subsequent post-launch confirmations are needed to find out. In the case of the new iPads presented yesterday, it was not necessary to wait for the disassembly, the information emerged from the iOS 13.4 GM code released to the developers in the past few hours.

All iPad Pro 2020 are equipped with 6GB of RAM and this is good news, given that in the previous generation of iPad Pro (the third) Apple had reserved this quantity only for the (more expensive) models with 1TB of storage, while for the others there were 4GB of RAM. If we add to this that the basic variants have 128GB of storage, the opinion on the memory compartment is even more positive. Those who want to contain the purchase by purchasing iPad Pro 11 "2020 only WiFi at 899 euros will therefore have a tablet with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage available.

Connectivity side, in addition to the already mentioned and documented presence of the WiFi 6, iOS 13.4 GM confirms that all iPad 2020s also have the chip U1 introduced for the first time with iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and 11. It is recalled that the chip designed by Apple uses technology Ultra Wideband for spatial detection: in practice, it allows iPhones and iPads to determine their position more precisely than other devices. It is currently used to improve AirDrop, but it could also be used to manage the multiple faces mentioned tracker, starting from the AirTags spotted in the iOS 13 code.