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Apple introduces Mac OS X to Seybold

Apple introduces Mac OS X to Seybold logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple, as tradition for some years now, will not be present at the Seybold in New York but the DTP review of the east coast, second in importance to that of San Francisco held in September, will still have a presence of Cupertino. In fact, on February 22, the dates of the event, ten specialized sessions are scheduled for the presentation of the qualities in the digital publishing sector of Mac OS X. As will be learned from some websites, these will be meetings during which it will be presented the flexibility of the new OS in image processing, source management, color regulation and the creative process. We will also discuss the possibilities of working with Apple's servers and the scripting features.We remember that over the past few weeks Apple has made a major effort to adapt Mac OS X to the needs of DTP. At the moment, those who work in the sector complain about the lack of carbonization of two fundamental programs such as XPress and Photoshop which should arrive shortly. In parallel, the shortage of drivers for scanners should also be eased soon.

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