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Apple announces the NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium for Power Mac G4 Quicksilver.

Apple announces the NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium for Power Mac G4 Quicksilver. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Available on a 4x AGP bus, the card, which has a 128 MB DDR SDRAM memory, allows real-time animation and surface rendering with an accuracy never seen before on a personal computer.

The GeForce4 Titanium is able to manage 87 million triangles per second and 4.9 billion pixel textures per second to perform 1.23 trillion operations per second. Another novelty is the simultaneous connection to two Apple LCD screens in a single slot through an ADC connector and a DVI (to connect any DVI monitor or an ADC adapter for the second Apple LCD monitor) with the possibility of video mirroring and extended screen. VGA screens can be connected with a DVI to VGA included.

The card will be available with the G4 systems in build to order at the Apple Store starting from next month with a surcharge of 250 US dollars on the 1 Ghz biprocessor and on the 933 Mhz while it can also equip the 800 Mhz models with a surcharge of 350 US Dollars. Even current PowerMac G4 owners will be able to add the card to their equipment (replacing the one already on the AGP bus) with a kit available in the spring for about 400 US Dollars.

More details in the next few minutes …

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