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App to use at home: the list on the Apple Store suggested by category

A collection entitled "Apps for working and staying at home" and includes a variety of different applications in multiple categories

Learn by staying at home, or stay in touch with loved ones. And why not meditate or find inner peace? All of this Apple Store wanted to highlight it with a dedicated section. A well-defined and categorized collection of applications to download and purely aimed at home use. To all intents and purposes a list of apps to use at home to not get bored or to spend time during the day.

It's no secret how much the Apple Store has dramatically increased its editorial content with great care in recent years. And for people who work from home because of the coronavirus epidemic, he wanted to continue on this trend by providing an "editorial story".

App to use at home, the sections present

app for working from home

There are 12 sections present in this dedicated section. It starts with the category "education" where there is a quiz app like Kahoot to transit to the communication apps where Skype is FaceTime are clearly present. To stay in touch with colleagues there is a mini category in which Slack is certainly the best known app, while the latest news section detects the applications of newspapers such as Corsera, TGCOM 24, and Repubblica. The news can also be heard via radio and therefore radio applications and podcasts could not be missing. Do you want to train from home? C ' Zova and if you want to meditate find "Meditation Studio". Let's not forget the easy shopping where in command there is Amazon Mobile. IS Tasty for recipes and drinks a good solution.

Here are all the sections:

  • Learn and study from home
  • Keep in touch with your loved ones
  • Connect with your colleagues
  • Browse breaking titles
  • Listen to the news
  • Train at home
  • Your meditation station
  • Relaxing sounds to relax
  • Yoga for everyone
  • Browse your emotions
  • Shopping easy
  • Find your new recipes

You can easily view all the complete sections of the apps to be used from home on the App Store by clicking here.