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App Store, applications "forbidden to minors" will arrive

A classification that recommends or recommends, based on the age of users, the programs sold on the App Store. Here is the solution that Apple would have in mind to get around the pitfalls of the program approval process. To reveal the mechanism that should take effect with the release of iPhone Os 3.0 Makayama Media, a company specializing in applications for Apple's pocket devices.

Makayama Media had the opportunity to learn the new system in the context of one of Apple's always difficult to interpret 'censor' measures. His ‘Newspaper (s)’, reports the iLounge website, was in fact rejected because among the many online newspapers, it also provides access to The Sun, an English newspaper known for its paginons with models not properly accoladed. To a request for explanations Apple would have responded by advising to keep the program until the launch of version 3.0 of the operating system which will introduce a Parental Control system. Thanks to it it will be possible to submit and be approved also programs, for content or spirit, not suitable for everyone.

It is not clear how the classification system will be implemented, but it is probable that the developers will be warned that an application for some particularities is not considered suitable for all users and as such will be classified as "forbidden to minors". What will happen after and before is even more mysterious; Will Apple create an App Store section 'prohibited for minors'? Or alternatively, will Apple just report content not suitable for everyone in the description without relegating the applications to closed sections as it does with the 'explicit' lyrics from the iTunes store? How will access to these applications be implemented? An age check will certainly be implemented, but will this happen when you register your account? And who controls that the age provided by the user will be the real and not fictitious one?

The answer will only come with the launch of the new operating system, in the meantime for Apple there is an urgent need to avoid other controversies such as those aroused by the approval, then revoked, by Baby Shaker or those determined by the 'no' to the update of nin: access, which we have already widely said in the past few hours.