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Airport is officially free

Airport is officially free logomacitynet1200wide 1

Here is the text that Apple sends to its sales network:

"Apple is pleased to inform that, as a result of the Presidential Decree 447/2001, which entered into force on 1 January 2002, local radiolan networks, including Apple AirPort networks, if used within the context of your fund (for example, in your apartment or other enclosed and limited space), they are free to use and therefore are no longer subject to the onerous concession fee previously imposed on final buyers for the use of this type of equipment.

We also point out that, even in the event of uses of the radiolan network outside the fund, the new regulation provides that buyers will not be required to request a government concession and to pay the relative fee, but, more simply, to submission of a declaration to the Ministry of Communications and to the payment of contributions whose amount will not exceed the administrative costs connected with the preliminary investigation and subsequent supervisory and control activities. "

This is a de facto liberalization of the less powerful networks based on Airport / Wi-fi that do not go beyond the domestic environment and of the accessory areas to the home or small office and a bureaucratic semi-liberalization for larger installations. this will give even more impetus to the setting up of wireless networks both for the internal connection and for the routing of high-speed DSL connections. All Apple's CPUs, laptops and desktops have for years been prepared for the insertion of economic Airport boards and can function both as client and as base station with the supplied software. For more information on Airport technology and its implementations, please consult the MacProf "Airport-WiFi" channel.

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