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About the presence of social media, little more than what you already know

Lately I have read a lot about startups, entrepreneurs, success stories and how social media can help you become a successful entrepreneur?

To be honest, every post I've read to date has the same old thing embedded in different words, here's what they say in about 500+ word posts that can be easily summarized in less than 100 words,

1. Build a network on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. That offers you exposure on social media that is beneficial to the company's reputation and success.

2. The very important interaction with your followers as it will help us understand who the people who use your product or service are, which gives an idea of ​​who will be interested and you will have better targeting.

3. Having a blog, posting information about the products or services offered, interesting offers (if any), new features, announcements, surveys, etc.

But, people expression after reading this type of post, " WTH, I already know ".

Now one day, people know what to do when it comes to social media promotion but they don't know how to do it, if you really want to fix it, tell them how to do it. I'm going to do it alone

From my personal experience I have discovered that, it takes energy, time and above all patience to get followers on social media profiles, you have to be regular in your efforts and creative and interesting.

I remember someone asking on Quora How to get more Twitter followers ?, The best answer was " become someone worth following "which is really damn true.

You can also use the paid promotion if you are sure of your product or service, but one thing that matters here that even if you have enough budget for social media marketing, you have to spend it carefully because it is very easy to lose money in advertisements such as Facebook and Google AdWords , if they are not targeted.

Sometimes people think that social media is a matter of luck, some things go viral on the Internet and nobody knows why, I call it " Suck ", ie Social Media Luck, I don't think virism is for once, it can happen that your product becomes viral and people start using it, but remember that they will remain if and only if they find it interesting and useful, otherwise they will recover .

Build relationships with people of similar interest on websites like Quora and Twitter, which give you the opportunity to interact directly with people.

These are a few things you can do to increase your influence and score. Good luck.

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