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AAPL, continue the climb

AAPL, continue the climb logomacitynet1200wide 1

AAPL continues the climb. During yesterday's session, Cupertino courses closed at $ 25.45, the maximum since May 5 and very close to the 2001 record that was set the day before at 25.75. It is therefore the record of the last nine months which, if exceeded, would mean going back above the same threshold reached on 29 September 2000, a particularly significant and painful day for the shareholders of Cupertino. In fact, September 29, 2000, was the day of halving the value of AAPL following the announcements of profits below the forecasts made by Apple. Since then Apple has no longer been able to exceed the value of $ 25.75 hit the which, therefore, we would be close to the record of the last 17 months. It should also be said that if this threshold is exceeded, the new record would be very, very distant. The previous day AAPL had been set at $ 53.50. It should be noted that during yesterday's session, once again, Apple went against the technological list that closed downwards. According to many analysts, AAPL has the potential to being one of the first courses able to pick up speed in view of an economic recovery that seems to be on the horizon. It should also be said that the statistics for put a resistance threshold just over the half of the $ 25 share. We will see if and when Apple will be able to overcome it

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