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5 ways to recycle your old smartphone

marzo 19, 2020

Often we end up throwing or abandoning fully functional smartphones only because they are considered obsolete and out of fashion. They are quickly replaced with expensive latest generation models but in reality they can still be very useful: just use special apps and put a pinch of ingenuity. In this regard, let's go together to discover 5 simple ways to recycle an old smartphone!

5 ways to recycle your old smartphone

it possible to use the old smartphone as a universal remote control?

The answer is absolutely yes and it represents one of the most practical uses to exploit a disused device. By now our homes are increasingly full of electronic devices of all kinds and it entails having an impressive number of remote controls. Here the abandoned smartphone can solve the problem by turning into a Universal remote control.

Mobile phone as TV remote controlHave you ever thought of using an old smartphone as a remote control?

This is a simple operation that requires the use of specific apps that are already integrated or downloadable, besides obviously the presence on the phone of the IRDA sensor to communicate with the infrared receivers. In a very intuitive way it will be possible to manage smart TVs, receivers, DVD players, projectors, air conditioners and much more.

How to turn your smartphone into a surveillance camera?

Instead of spending money on buying one surveillance camera, we can safely use the old smartphone. Just choose a point in the house where to place the appliance (a power outlet is essential in the immediate vicinity) and install one of the many free or paid apps specific for this function.

best video surveillance applicationsAn old smartphone could help you protect your home from possible theft!

Among the most famous are Alfred Camera, atHome Camera, iCamSpy, Ip Webcam and many others. In practice, through the Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone becomes an IP camera capable of communicating with another device (the new phone or tablet), used for remote control and on which to install the same application.

Disused smartphone: a good idea as a game console?

For those who love video games can use the obsolete smartphone exclusively as portable gaming console. It will be sufficient to install the necessary apps, connect via Wi-Fi to the network and thus exploiting 100% of the potential of the old device only for recreational activities. Do not forget the possibility of downloading emulators with which to transform, for example, the device into a GameBoy.

Retrogaming smartphoneRetrogaming on smartphones is one of those timeless things

Do you want a practical multimedia center in the car?

It takes just a few euros to buy a car holder and place the unused mobile device thus having a real one multimedia center. it is sufficient that the car is equipped with a bluetooth connection (otherwise a normal audio cable is sufficient) to have a large library of songs. By inserting a sim card you can transform the device into a hotspot and use GPS to have a practical navigator.

Old Android Auto smartphoneA smartphone in the car is always comfortable in any situation, but be careful while driving!

How to use the old smartphone in the kitchen?

We are increasingly looking for recipes and tips on the web and watching video tutorials on YouTube. All operations carried out by the fixed PC or on portals that are certainly not comfortable and safe to use in the kitchen. To avoid these annoyances or use the smartphone you just purchased, a stand is enough to comfortably position the old device and consult it when necessary. It will be possible to use voice commands thanks to the virtual assistants, but also play music, install apps for monitor food in the refrigerator and conveniently search for any recipe!

Smartphone in the kitchenHow many times have you found yourself looking for recipes on your smartphone?

The moral that most of the time is abandoned by a smartphone working in the drawer after years of honorable service, when in reality it could still offer great potential. Instead of immediately giving up a device, let's try to make the best use of the resources we have available. In this way we will avoid wasting money on the purchase of other electronic devices: simply transform and adapt the old smartphone by following, perhaps, one of the tips proposed in this short guide.

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