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– 25% on Skype annual subscriptions, last day

– 25% on Skype annual subscriptions, last day logomacitynet1200wide 1

The discount offer for Skype subscriptions (sponsors) closes today. The 25% savings opportunity on the annual subscription is valid only until 6 May.

Skype offers three different types of subscriptions, Without Limits One, Without Limits Europe and Without Limits World, to call all over Italy, all Europe and all the World, all subscribable monthly, quarterly or annually.

Thanks to the discount, if you choose one of the three subscriptions, as mentioned, there will be a 25% reduction applicable in the case of the annual subscription: 40.88 euros for Without Limits One, 51.23 euros Without Limits Europe and 92.63 euros Without Limits World; these are the annual rates.

An opportunity for those who use Skype a lot and were looking for an excuse to subscribe to a convenient subscription: simply reach the Skype subscription offer and select an annual subscription on the next page.

As mentioned in the opening, however, the offer closes today. From tomorrow the subscription prices will return to the "standard" level

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