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15 useful tricks for Google Chrome on Android Guide

As often happens, the potential of an App or software is much more than that of common use, and the same also applies to internet search browsers. That's why we reveal i 15 useful tricks for Google Chrome on Android, so as to make your navigation easier and more practical, both from smartphone and tablet. Despite several updates and several additions of functionality, these do not always appear in the foreground or at hand, but if you have clear ideas on where to look for them then everything will become simpler for the benefit of a more fluid and intuitive navigation. Here are ours helpful tips for Google Chrome on Android.

15 useful tricks for Google Chrome on Android

  1. How to better reposition the address bar
  2. Change tab quickly
  3. Improve the search from the address bar
  4. Activate night mode
  5. Synchronize the PC browser on the smartphone
  6. Hide annoying popups and ads
  7. Save data traffic
  8. How to open Chrome read-only
  9. How to display hidden functions
  10. Speed ​​up the page load
  11. Make better use of direct connections
  12. How to turn an internet page into a PDF
  13. Protect privacy
  14. Prevent annoying sounds
  15. Find quick answers to questions

1 How to better reposition the low addresses?

Moving the address bar facilitates viewing and facilitates navigation on recent larger screen smartphones. Go into the address entry string and type chrome: // flags / # enable-chrome-home and in the Chrome Home option you need to enable the function.

Reposition Chrome address bar

Then you enable the new layout putting a flag and restarting the app as described on the screen. The bar in this case moves down and for those who use the phone with one hand certainly more practical.

2 How to change cards quickly?

Do you often open an infinite number of tabs? Well, we reveal a secret: to quickly switch between tabs, you can slide your finger from right to left, or vice versa, in correspondence with the address bar.

3 How to improve Google search?

Imagine you're reading a web page and finding a word that interests you or whose meaning you don't know. Baster select it and press the item “Google search”Present in the drop down menu. All this without having to retype the word in a new tab.

4 How to activate night mode?

Chrome night mode

There night mode convenient when you are in dark places, to avoid the strong contrast of the high brightness display. From the settings menu, under "Themes“, Night mode is activated.

5 How to synchronize the PC browser on the smartphone?

You must know that possible synchronize the browser of your PC in order to display on the smartphone the same pages that you have consulted with the computer. The feasible operation both from the mobile phone and from the PC. From the latter just go to the Google Chrome settings and select "Google sync and services“, While from the smartphone it is possible to choose total synchronization always from the settings menu, by moving the cursor to On.

6 How to hide annoying popups and ads?

Hide Chrome Android ads

Do you know when the computer suggests the products that according to him are the ones for you because Google feels obliged to advise you for the best? You can eliminate this annoying function by typing in the address bar of the browser chrome: // flags / # enable-ntp-article-suggestions-expandable-header. Close and restart to see the new setting activated and working

7 How to save data traffic?

There is a way to save data traffic and just go to the settings menu and select "bandwidth management”And then choose the reduction of data traffic during navigation. Simple, but functional and cheap.

8 How to open Chrome read-only?

More than anything else the purpose of this function is to eliminate everything that can disturb the consultation. Videos, ads, fonts and colors can weigh down your reading and slow down the page load. To eliminate everything superfluous, you can force the reading mode by typing in the address bar chrome: // flags / # enable-chrome-home to activate the reader mode.

9 How to display hidden functions?

Google in constant evolution and Chrome one of the applications that more than others sees constant renovations, but not all of them are active and perhaps only have the purpose of testing. Know that it is possible to activate these functions, or some of them, by acting as described by these three examples.

10 How to speed up the page load?

Waiting for a page to load a tedious operation that annoys. By selecting the data saving, as already explained above, the visualization and consequently also the loading of the pages is greatly simplified.

11 How to take advantage of direct connections?

The direct links are not only the links, to which you just need to click on them to relaunch the reference page, but also indications and telephone numbers. By selecting the phone number, you can open a small dedicated menu which leads directly to the call. The same also applies to share a web page by selecting the address, or send an email directly by pressing the displayed email address.

12 How to turn an internet page into a PDF?

Sometimes it is convenient to share a web page on the phone as if it were a document and possible through the transformation of the content into PDF format.

  • Once the page of your interest is loaded, all you have to do is go to the panel "Settings"- accessible from the upper right edge of the display – and select the menu item "Share";
  • In the next screen select the option "Print";
  • You will be taken to a screen with i web content downloaded to a PDF file intended for communication with your printers.
  • By clicking on the circular icon on the upper right margin, you can keep the same file locally, thus managing to save the offline web pages in PDF;

13 How to protect privacy?

Privacy is important and sometimes appropriate to protect it, especially if you use a third-party device to browse, or when you consult the internet using public or insecure wifi networks. There incognito browsing mode avoids tracking the user and what he has consulted. This also avoids the various messages and suggestions that the browser provides the following day, when you open the browser for a new navigation. Just open a new incognito page, choosing the option from the menu.

14 How to prevent harassing sounds?

Turn off Chrome sounds

Sometimes advertising videos, unsolicited interviews and blaring news reports start. You will be happy to know that everything can silence us, putting an end to the audio of the ads in automatic playback. Here is what is certainly one of the most appreciated among the 15 useful tricks for Google Chrome on Android: just go to “Settings", then "Site settings”And finally to the Audio section. Here you can opt for a total deactivation or if you allow some exceptions.

15 How to find quick answers to questions?

There are questions that Chrome can immediately answer in real time, as long as you type the question directly into the search string. To make the function active, type in the lower address chrome: // flags / # answers-in-suggest and then restart.

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