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YouTube: Dark mode is coming for the Android app

Google would be preparing to launch a new feature for the application Android of YouTube: we are talking about the dark mode. Although we cannot confirm at this moment the exact period of distribution of the new feature for the green robot, the arrival of the so-called Dark Watch Mode it could happen very soon.

Some users may preview the feature in the developer version of the app. However, since the night mode is still being tested, not all content on the screen may show itself black colour. Part of the text and icons, located under the video window, are black and are visible only because of the dark gray background.

YouTube Dark Mode Android appYouTube: Dark Watch mode may arrive soon on the Android app

There are some other icons and texts shown in light gray in contrast with a dark gray coloring so as to make things easier to see. It indicates that Google is still testing the mode Dark Watch and has some work to do before the feature reaches its final version to distribute it to all users on a stable basis. Unlike the dark mode of YouTube Web, the entire interface of the app for Android not completely dark.

More specifically, the first 3 sections of the user interface, under the actual video, will be those that will become dark together with the last section where the toggle of Autoplay and the button Upcoming videos.

When or if Google never decide to change the interface that is not yet clear but, given that from the Developer Settings already available an initial version of the feature, then the roll-out could take place soon. If you are used to watching videos on YouTube through the app Android in the evening or in the darkest rooms, then the interface Dark it will certainly be useful not to tire the eyes.

YouTube Dark Mode Android app

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