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Xpress for Mac OS X, titanic effort

Xpress for Mac OS X, titanic effort logomacitynet1200wide 1

A few days after the release of version 5.0, Quark's commitment to producing a Mac OS X version of XPress returns to the fore. In an interview with MacWorld UK, the company's spokesman reiterates that the release of an update for the new operating system a priority for the Denver company and if the times are not or will be those desired by the users this only depends on the difficulty of the task for the programmers. 'It is only a matter of time' says Glen Turpin 'not voluntarily . Carbonizing XPress is a very complex problem because XPress is a very complex program. ' According to Turpin, the carbonization of the program related to some essential changes in the operating system is requiring the reconstruction of some features from scratch. 'We received the development kit for Mac OS X 10.1' Turpin specifies' only when the engineering of version 5.0 of Mac OS X was complete'Quark also reveals that at the moment the main concern is not to repeat the mistakes made with the version 4.0, presented to the public with many bugs. Version 5.0 for Mac OS X must therefore have impeccable guarantees of stability and solidity: 'and since Brett Mueller, product manager, explained in the past – we have to test hundreds of features on 18 different operating systems in 12 languages, which means 216' test environments, it is understood that the massive effort 'According to some XPress sources for Mac OS X will be presented in the summer in the form of an upgrade, most likely for a fee.

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