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Will the billionth iPhone application be downloaded on April 23?

Will the billionth iPhone application be downloaded on April 23? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The ingenious mobile research company SQUARE has put the entire App Store business under a magnifying glass by elaborating several interesting conclusions. The most curious is undoubtedly the forecast regarding the breaking of the record of one billion applications downloaded: at the current rate of downloads, equal to 5.1 million per day, the record will be broken on Thursday 23 April, more precisely in the afternoon.

"It took Apple about 6 months to reach 500 million downloads, while for the next 500 million it only took 94 days," explains Nick Lane, head of research for mobileSQUARE. The average download thus went from the previous 2.98 million per day to about 5.32 million daily apps. Continuing in the detailed analysis on the business generated by the App Store, mobileSQUARE announces that about 75% of the applications downloaded from the App Store are free, while the average price of the paid ones is $ 2.20. On the day that Apple will cross the milestone of the billionth application, about 250 million paid apps have been sold for a total revenue of 550 million dollars. Of these 165 million are due to Apple, while the remaining 385 million dollars are due to the developer community.

The analysis of mobileSQUARE ends with a survey carried out among citizens of the United Kingdom in which it is shown that the App Store and its functions are known by a large percentage of the population, much higher than current users. Counting only 0.4% of the global mobile market iPhone represents only 2% of the total of terminals in the UK, against a recognition of the name and functions which stands at over 40%. This analysis shows, according to mobileSQUARED, that iPhone and App Store should not be limited only to the range of high-end smartphones but that there is the possibility for Apple to reach larger and more mass markets.

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