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Wi-Fi: Minneapolis arrives first with its airport.

Wi-Fi: Minneapolis arrives first with its airport. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Minneapolis-St. International Airport Paul (the fourteenth due to crowding in the statistics of ACI – Airports Council International), in Minnesota, the first US airport to have a network freely accessible with the Wi-Fi system. Other examples were already known from the Asian area of ​​large hubs who have been doing the same for travelers for over a year, especially in transit, in those areas. Anyone with a laptop and Wi-Fi / AirPort card will therefore be able to read the pages of MacityNet and anything else available on the Internet, without well that minimum expense.For those who do not have a laptop, there are fifteen stations / kiosks for a variable amount between 6 and 8 dollars for a whole day, payable by credit card. It is said, but a long time now, that other airports North Americans (the three from New York City and Detroit) are preparing similar services. The service (costing $ 250,000) will be available to the public in a month.

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