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Where is it? The points of interest around you inside the iPhone

Where is it? The points of interest around you inside the iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Where program? uses some functions already present on the iPhone to offer a practical and fast service: thanks to the GPS it detects the user's position and, based on the latter's requests, quickly identifies bars, restaurants, banks, hotels and any other point of interest nearby, choosing from over 600 different categories. Google Maps is used to perform searches, in any case the operation Don Dove is a little more practical: just select the desired category from the initial dial wheel and then from those choose the sub category: more practical and faster than the insertion of complete words, typed letter by letter, especially when traveling.

In the new version also translated into Italian, the user always uses his native language for searches, even when he is abroad, while the program performs searches using the local language, a function that is practical in travel abroad. Where is it? proposed on the App Store for 2.39 euros.

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