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WhatsApp redesigns voice messages and text deletion time

Two of the most used features by users are at the heart of massive remodeling work by Whatsapp who thinks of changing the recording method and the time to delete messages.

Pressure to record WhatsApp voice messages: farewell to the perennial finger on the display

The function of voice messages has definitely revolutionized the approach of instant messaging, the current need to keep the pressure on the registration button prolonged, for, definitely a nuisance noticed by many.

One of the functions viewed within the latest version Beta 2.18.71, in fact, would have shown the first ideas developed by WhatsApp to replace prolonged pressure with a more intuitive and less complex activation mechanism with 5-second pressure and the freedom to cancel or continue recording hands-free.

The mechanism clearly entails a new UI, as shown below, in fact, a "Lock recording" will be shown once the function is enabled and a "Cancel" message to cancel the vocal message aiznch use the classic swype. It is a mechanism to facilitate understanding and allow users to familiarize themselves with the system which, currently, does not seem to be available even for all users in Beta but clearly arriving in the near future.

UI anticipation recording WhatsApp Voice Messages

Delete for everyone: longer time limits for deleting messages

Another aspect subject to revision was the time allowed for a message to be deleted, a function that over time has undergone a considerable revaluation with many perplexities among users.

Unlike the new UI for voice recordings, the "Delete for all" mode will allow you to delete any message in any conversation even after an hour from sending and, according to the latest estimates, the functionality would be in the current distribution phase.

Clear for all of WhatsApp | Photo Credit: IndianexpressScreen Clear function for all of WhatsApp | Photo Credit: Indianexpress

This is a considerable change for WhatsApp compared to the previous possibility of exchange within 7 minutes of sending, offering greater freedom and availability to users as well as sending an important signal to competing services in the field of instant messaging.

Fonti: WABeta | Indianexpress

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