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What to do if you have lost or stolen your smartphone …

Lose or be stolen Android smartphone, certainly a horrible experience if not practically a horror movie, especially if you have many in the device personal data and information. What time are you reading this article because you are in the same desperate situation, do not worry! There are some things you can do for track, reset and even lock your phone remotely!

How to find your Android smartphone

On Android smartphones, they fortunately exist different ways to track down and find the exact location of your phone, perform a remote wipe or do it ringing at full volume, even if this is in silent mode.

All Android devices have a security function called in the operating systemFind my phone, which can be used to track the lost or stolen device from a remote location and make it ring through your Google Account. The basic function in any smartphone equipped with the green robot system.

Keep in mind that the function will give the best results, if you have selected the on your Android smartphone high precision, in the location settings. It will still be possible to get one approximate location of the phone, even if you have completely deactivated position detection or chosen the setting "GPS only" or "Use Wi-Fi or mobile network".

To use the function, log in to your Google account on your pc or other device e search on the internet “Find my phone”. You can also download the Find My Device app from the Play Store, to be installed on another phone or tablet.

Android smartphone Android smartphone

Once you log in to your Google Account, the "Find My Phone" feature immediately identify the position of your Android smartphone, allowing you to track it on Google Maps. By visiting the location indicated, you can facilitate finding by ringing the phone at full volume through another device, bypassing the silent mode, which time is active.

Lock or delete data remotely on your Android smartphone

In case you can't find the location of your Android smartphone, you can use the options "Lock your phone", to prevent access to the device with a password or "Log out of the account on the phone" to log out from your Google Account.

Android smartphone

With "Consider the possibility to reset the device " instead, you can delete all your data, so as to prevent anyone holding your Android smartphone from accessing it. During the deletion, Google will automatically perform a backup photos, videos, contacts, calendar entries and even your messages.

Find a Samsung device

In addition to taking advantage of Google services for the discovery and remote management of the device, Samsung offers proprietary services analogs that allow you to perform similar actions, with a few more optionsby visiting the home website and logging in with your account.

With Samsung's "Find My Phone" feature, you can perform actions like the remote data backup (media, documents and apps installed), also recovering call logs and messages, to keep track of potential calls or messages made by the person who came into possession of your device or simply check who has contacted us in the meantime that our Android smartphone has been lost.

Android smartphone

The "Lock" option, on the other hand, in addition to locking the phone, also allows you to set a message to display on the screen ed prevent the phone from being turned off manually. also possible through function "Extend battery life", activate energy saving to ensure greater autonomy when searching for your device.

Samsung also allows you to choose trusted contacts, providing details of your friends or relatives.

What to do if you can't track the location of your Android smartphone?

In some unfortunate cases, you may not be able to track the location of your Android smartphone after trying the above methods. Your device's battery may be completely discharged or this may have even been damaged. So what to do?

Report your stolen device to law enforcement

The first thing you can do report the loss to the police or carabinieri or theft of your smartphone, providing all the necessary documents and details of the device such as the brand, the model, the exact location where you have lost or been stolen e IMEI. Make sure you have one of these details before making the complaint.

You will find this information in the packaging of your device, including the IMEI.

Block or suspend your network service

You may also need to report to your telephone operator stop or suspend your network service, so as to prevent someone from using your SIM to make calls, send messages or access the internet.

Contact your operator to request the procedure. You could also try the last resort in locating the device, through the methods provided by the operator. Tentar never hurts!

We hope we have been useful and we wish you never to lose your Android smartphone!

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