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What to do if the smartphone turns on and off by itself?

Your Android smartphone turns itself off and on by itself and you can't understand what are the causes of it random restart? In this guide, after having made an overview of the main ones smartphone malfunctions and explained why the problem exists, we will see how to bypass it.

There are basically two causes that cause the Android smartphone to freeze and restart:

Hardware causes

THE battery damage they are somewhat common in the field of mobile telephony. And Android, however popular among many users, has its "Achilles heel" in battery autonomy. It matters little that the battery does not work due to internal problems inherent in the device or the lack of power supply. In the case of unibody Android smartphones with removable battery, widely used models, we invite you to contact your trusted service center. The problem may prove more serious than expected. And woe to underestimate it!

Smartphone turns on and off by itselfSwollen battery? the time has come to replace the smartphone!

Different the speech of Android phones with the removable battery. In this case, it is worth taking a look at general state of the battery. In the face of lateral projections, it is recorded that the battery of the Android smartphone decidedly gone and now it's time to move to a more competitive model the false contact between the smartphone and the golden pins involves problems that are anything but indifferent.

Software causes

They concern the Android mobile operating system which does not run perfectly. THE system bug they are the most shining of the examples. Ditto, the installation of malicious app, downloaded and installed on alternative stores to Google Play, not fully compatible with the device functions. How to deal with it in this circumstance? The best decision is to remove the aforementioned resources. And if the problem persists, resorting to a anti-malware, able to make one complete and accurate scan of your Android smartphone, make you sleep soundly.

Smartphone turns on and off by itselfIt is not uncommon to run into viruses if you are not careful what you download to your smartphone!

Again with reference to the spontaneous reboots of your mobile phone, it should be noted that among the most recurrent software causes there is the error due to thefirmware installation. So that no incompatibility with the previous version occurs, it is convenient for you reset the device:

  • In order to prevent sensitive data and personal information from being lost, always back up.
  • After that, the path to follow: Settings> Advanced> Backup and reset> Factory data reset.

In conclusion, the last of the problems of a software nature, in relation to the continuous process of switching the terminal off / on concerns yours inability to access system settings. How can you deal with it? Simply, proceeding to restarting the Android smartphone in Recovery Mode. What is it about? In a nutshell, an emergency tool, aimed at restoring the functions of your Android phone, when problems arise. Once the Recovery Mode comes into action, all you have to do is select the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”And the game.

Smartphone turns on and off by itselfOften a recovery wipe allows you to solve all software problems!

And if not even the reset should give the desired results? The lextrema ratio is to proceed tomanual update of the operating system which runs on your smartphone with the latest Android release. Always keep in mind that the various market leaders allow you to download and install the latest Android version available, through an application, developed in the computer sector. Eye only to have the firmware file installable.


Now you know perfectly what to do if the smartphone turns on and off by itself and how to move when they occur software and hardware malfunctions. The former clearly outnumber the latter.

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