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Walt Mossberg rehabilitates MobileMe: reliable even if not yet perfect

Walt Mossberg, a recognized pen of the Wall Street Journal, has once again put MobileMe, the "Exchange for the rest of us" that Apple presented with great pomp last year during WWDC 2008.

Unfortunately, as everyone knows, the launch of MobileMe was a debacle for Cupertino: the service presented itself with numerous bugs and synchronization problems, missing options and sobbing features.

At the time Mossberg was as hard as he was honest towards the new incarnation of .Mac, highlighting all the intrinsic limits and advising against the purchase of the package, due to the malfunctions that undermined its performance in an improper manner.

Now Mossberg revises his opinion: according to the American journalist, after about a year, Apple has improved the functioning and reliability of MobileMe so much that it can finally be considered a good product, able to keep what it has always promised, that is to be the Exchange for everyone.

Despite the presence of many services that can offer the same functions as MobileMe at a lower or free price, even if not in an aggregate way, Mossberg concludes that Apple's "cloud" is as close as possible to the Exchange suite: mail synchronization, contacts and calendars between iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and Windows Outlook.

But … there is a "but": MobileMe still stumbles in the event that the user uses a mixed environment, involving PC, Mac and iPhone / iPod touch. In this case, unfortunately, some incompatibilities to Outlook have not yet been resolved, on which some information or categorization during synchronization has not been preserved.

Apple working to correct these issues but at least, after a year, good news has already started that MobileMe has started to deliver on the promises made at launch.