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Voyager PRO, new Bluetooth headset from Plantronics

Plantronics announces the release of its new Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset that would promise high-end sonic performance.

The gadget immediately highlights the external microphone, adjustable according to need and useful for capturing speech more effectively. In this sense, the accessory dusts the AudioIQ2 technology, which would allow a more accurate removal of surrounding noises, making the conversation clearer and easier to understand.

Another feature is the WindSmart technology, which allows an easier conversation even during the windy days, managing to minimize the wind noise.The audio quality supported by the internal speaker with adaptive 20-band equalizer, able to prevent sonic distortions for a reception clear of voice.

Aesthetically, Plantronics Voyager PRO cannot be said to save on size; despite the ergonomic headband for the auricle, perhaps the gadget lines could disappoint those looking for a less obvious and more minimal gadget.Compatible also with iPhone, the indicative cost of Plantronics Voyager PRO of 99.99 dollars; still no news on the price in euros.


Plantronics products are distributed by American Dataline.