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Virtual online museums: tours from home in coronavirus times

We take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy works of art from the comfort of home, waiting to be able to admire them live as soon as possible

Coronavirus forces to avoid human contact and the first places to become inaccessible were the most common ones for aggregation. Restaurants, pubs, clubs and even stadiums, cinemas and museums. Now the current restrictions they practically do not allow us to leave home and something must be invented. In addition to some advice on how to organize at home in times of coronavirusare the sites of themuseumsand theirssocial profilesto represent fundamental insights for art lovers, but also for beginners who want to approach the artistic world for the first time. For all intents and purposes you can visit virtual online museums.

Visit online museums

In short, who said that you have to give up art? The power of the web can guarantee online visits by staying on the sofa at home. We can always explore, learn new things and immerse ourselves in beauty. There are an increasing number of museum structures offering virtual tours. For example, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence organizes on its social profiles some events entitled Uffizi Decameron.The Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan has created a series of special contents on its Internet which give the user the opportunity to explore the collections of one of the most famous museums in the world. The MAMbo museum in Bologna has launched a program onYouTubecall2 minutes of MAMbo.The Maga museum in Gallarate, in the province of Varese, organizes online weekends via social channels for families, e-books and artistic projects to be carried out at home to be made available to everyone.Rivoli Castle, which now houses a museum of contemporary art, has opened a virtual office called Digital cosmos. These are some examples for Italy.

Vatican museums

But expanding our research beyond our borders we discover international virtual online museums from the Louvre in Paris to the Prado in Madrid to the archaeological museum in Athens. Below is a list of those that guarantee virtual visits:

British Museumhttps: //

Center Pompidouhttps: //

Louvrehttps: //

Metropolitan Museum NYhttps: //

El Prado Madridhttps: //

Virtual Tour on the Acropolis of Athenshttp: //

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