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After passing the fateful one million pageview threshold in December 2001 Macitynet confirms its growth trend both in terms of number of readers and page views. Thanks to our exclusive services from MacWorld San Francisco but also to the variety of information we offer. on a daily basis, we have seen regular readers grow by 20% in just one month and reach 140,000 unique readers who connected to our servers in January.

The data is somewhat impressive for the objectives we set ourselves and will force us to upgrade our servers to satisfy future requests: but this will not be just what we will make available to readers: we have several initiatives such as that of the Weekly NewsLetter and a surprise that awaits you next Saturday.

We will try to enhance our weekend editions from the first Saturday of February and to provide you with more and more information with the timeliness that has always distinguished us. Continue to report news, news and even our mistakes: our service to the community Mac is based above all on your collaboration and on the common enthusiasm we have in using the Mac and everything that goes around!

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