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UK: from Vodafone inaugurates a web portal all for iPhone

marzo 18, 2020

UK: from Vodafone inaugurates a web portal all for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

A web portal entirely dedicated to iPhone / touch users with news and newspapers aimed at informing UK citizens, such as the BBC, The Register, Premier League News, Sky News, Top Gear and much more. These are some of the main contents offered by Vodafone in the United Kingdom for all iPhone users, even those who do not use the Vodafone operator's cellular network. Thanks to a series of widgets that can be dragged and moved, the user can customize the various information channels and news which can then be consulted on the iPhone.

Portals, information channels and dedicated services are not new for the international operator but in the United Kingdom more than one observer hypothesizes that this Vodafone initiative dedicated to iPhone users is at least curious. While Vodafone markets iPhones in various European countries, including Italy, in the UK iPhones have always been marketed exclusively by the O2 operator and the associated chain of stores Carphone Warehouse. For this reason, Vodafone's initiative in the United Kingdom leads us to speculate on the possible end of the exclusivity between Apple and O2 and the start of marketing through multiple operators. Recall that these are pure hypotheses: in the United States, remember, iPhone still remains an exclusive of the operator AT&T.

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