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Twitter, founder Jack Dorsey will be fired as Steve Jobs by Apple?

Twitter, Jack Dorsey fired as Steve Jobs from Apple in 1985: Twitter lenders and shareholders would like to torpedo Jack Dorsey because of his anomalous behavior, but the CEO defends himself and wants to stay.

Jack Dorsey fired from Twitter, the founder and charismatic leader of the social network seriously risks being dismissed from his creature.

Despite being one of the most used, and most talked about, sites in the world, Twitter doesn't surf in good waters. The founder Jack Dorsey at risk of dismissal given the dissatisfaction of the major shareholders who have long complained about the difficulties of the social network to derive revenue. Due to his eccentric and unusual methods, Dorsey was frowned upon by the financiers who decided to invest in the chirping site. Between behavior defined as strange and a method of doing business different from tradition, the CEO of Twitter now risks being removed from his position in the company he has created.

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Jack Dorsey launched Twitter in 2006

In the early 2000s, American Jack Dorsey came up with the idea for a site microblogging where users could have written statuses of up to 140 characters. A race to the bottom that has made the fortune of Twitter, which in recent years has become one of the most used social networks in the world. Together with developers Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Dorsey officially launched Twitter in 2006.

The site has become increasingly famous and today used by political and VIP personalities, from Donald Trump to Barack Obama to Lady Gaga and Cristiano Ronaldo. A planetary success that has brought much interest and attention to the creation of Dorsey, so much so that recently the financial fund Elliott (also owner of the Milan team in Italy) has decided to invest in this symbolic company of the web. Their first wish? Fire Jack Dorsey.

The eccentric behavior of Jack Dorsey

Shortened work days, two-hour morning walks, yoga classes and recently the decision to go to live for six months in Africa: these are just some of the ideas implemented by Dorsey in recent years while he was in charge of Twitter. Behaviors that are enlightened according to some, but not appreciated by the big names in finance such as Elliott who have a very different vision of work focused on earnings.

Among other things, the latter have never been Dorsey's first interest: in fact, Twitter struggles to stay active and its spaces for promotions and advertising are much less intrusive than those of Facebook and other competing portals of Silicon Valley. In addition to a minimal interest in the sale of advertising spaces, Twitter has also been noted for the great freedom granted to users: bans are rare, so much so that this has brought more than one criticism to Dorsey, guilty according to some of giving too much space to ideas extremists in their social network.

Elliott's decisions and Dorsey's future

Although the Elliott fund only holds four percent of Twitter's shares, their decision-making power is very broad. Among the accusations addressed to the current CEO are the lack of foresight, highlighted by the decision to close the video portal Vine, an ancestor of TikTok who would have earned Twitter users and money. Meanwhile, many of the company's employees support their boss, who recently returned to the role of CEO after a few years in the shadows to devote himself to other projects.

These include the launch of Square, a platform dedicated to online payments and the control of personal finances that has concentrated all of Dorsey's attention. The latest news to speak of an agreement between the two sides, with Elliott who has decided to give Dorsey another bit of confidence.

The latter said he was ready to engage more in the management of Twitter, but we need to see if he will adapt to the laws of finance or if he will be able to maintain an atypical social network based on his original ideas.

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