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Trivial Pursuit: culture gets involved on iPhone and touch

A little culture and knowledge of current events in the form of a game, in a challenge that allows you to test and even showcase the knowledge of the participants, all while having fun. The simple ingredients mixed in Trivial Pursuit have made it one of the most famous and appreciated board games. The good news for fans of the boxed version and also for the few who have never tried it, the conversion for iPhone and touch made by Electronic Arts. For several days available on the App Store at a price of 5.49 euros: even if the description of the game and the language indicated in the features only English, Trivial Pursuit present on the App Store Italian in the international version and, once installed, it works completely in our language.

Curated in every respectAt the first start, the program requires the desired language: just choose Italian to transform not only the instructions and the items of the various menus, but also all the questions within the game into perfect Italian. From the first minutes of use, the high care given by the developers for every aspect of the game is evident. Audio effects able to create the right atmosphere, attention to graphic details starting from the numerous options available to choose our avatar among dozens of faces, caricatures and cartoons both male and female.

For fans of the board game it is possible to immediately start a game in the classic mode, alone against themselves to beat a personal best, or against the computer whose skill level can be established. The board with colored boxes that correspond to questions from different categories completely made in 3D and offers animations that are not only beautiful to look at but also perfectly inserted in the game flow. Complete view of the scoreboard from above to operate the data placed in the center, also in 3D: with a finger or by slightly shaking the pocket the nut starts to rotate, identical procedure to stop the rotation and thus display the extracted number. To move our placeholder, the shot gets closer with fluid and elegant rotations and enlargements.

Fully translated and localized for Italian playersIn addition to being completely in Italian, the questions do not concern exclusively American facts and notions. During the test carried out by Macitynet we also met several questions concerning our cities or sportspeople, details that confirm not only the attention for the linguistic translation but also a real localization of the game according to the language initially set. In the classic game mode in which it is necessary to conquer a predetermined number of boxes before being able to face the final question, the player can choose to set a time limit, play alone or against the computer, the skill level of the computer, the number of the boxes necessary to face the final question, in short, a complete series of configuration and customization possibilities that we find in every aspect of the game and which guarantee a good longevity over time.

Against the computer or up to 4 playersIn addition to the classic game, it is possible to play in the Pursuit mode in which it is necessary to answer as quickly as possible to advance along the path on the board and thus reach the final question. Finally, Trivial Pursuit allows you to play against 4 other opponents using as many pocket books on the same Wi-Fi network or to share a single iPhone or touch to play in turns by quickly passing the pocket from one player to another. The quiz database contains over 3,500 questions of which approximately 600 are accompanied by photographs and images. In addition to the accelerometer for data launch, the touch screen is obviously used to select the image or the answer deemed correct among the three displayed.

The judgmentUltimately Trivial Pursuit an obligatory purchase for board game enthusiasts who will find new challenges and new game modes in the digital version for iPhone and touch. Those who have never played the tabletop version but fascinated by television quiz based on questions of general knowledge and current events will find in Trivial Pursuit a fun and also intelligent pastime. The price higher than the average of the programs offered on the App Store but the quality of the game, the richness of the database of questions and the realization taken care of in all aspects justify the expense. Recall that the numerous possibilities to customize the game allow you to create always different games and game styles, characteristics that will entice you to play and replay the title for a long time.

Trivial Pursuit works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.1: it can be purchased from this App Store page at a price of € 5.49.