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The PowerPC 7455, not just SOI

The PowerPC 7455, not just SOI logomacitynet1200wide 1

Not only the SOI, the advanced insulation technology to characterize the MPC 7455 of the new G4. The Motorola processor is also characterized by an exceptional heat dissipation: only 20W at 1000 MHz. Really very low considering that a 1000 MHz Athlon SOI can dissipate about 50W. Even more impressive if you consider that the Intel processors currently in circulation and slightly above GHz have a dissipation of much higher than 50W. At this moment one of the main curiosities, at a technical level, is around the SOI technology used (not all Silicon On Insulator methods are identical) and on future chips.Motorola in this regard keeps its mouth well sewn but the Schaumburg roadmap anticipates that for the G4 there is only one, last evolution with the passage of the circuitry from 0.18 to 0.15 micron. At that point, the G4 cycle will be completed and all research efforts will pass to the G5. This obviously does not mean that the G5 cannot be released before the presentation of the 0.15 micron G4 … Meanwhile, we note that, in addition to Apple, Motorola's first customer for the PPC 7445, the low-consumption version of the MPC 7455 of which we talked about in recent days, will be Ericsson (GPRS backbone), while the PPC 7455 seen in the G4 is also adopted by Pirus Network (PSX-1000) and Radstone Technology (COTS processors). Motorola prices for the PPC 7455 @ 1 GHz of $ 295 each in lots of 10,000 pieces. More details about the PPC 7455, in the PDFs listed here.

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