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The iPad Pro with 12-inch display will be presented in late 2014


The iPad Pro with 12-inch display will be presented in late 2014

The new and giant version of the iPad, the one with a 12-inch display, will see the light in late 2014. Here comes new information directly from Asia, where the long-awaitediPad Pro, the tablet from well 12.9 inches that Apple could launch to conquer the corporate sector as well as the educational sector to compete with Samsung's new 12 ″ Galaxy TabPRO could be presented in the Q3 of 2014. At least according to what reported by DigiTimes, tested not always reliable on the predictions of Cupertino.

Apparently Apple has not digested the introduction by Samsung of a product similar to what it has in mind, therefore ready to run for cover shortly, and who knows that it will not arrive before the summer.

The analysis made by DigiTimes would arise precisely in comparison to Samsung policies, with the South Korean group that hastily presented a 12-inch tablet, perhaps precisely to ride the rumors involving Apple since last summer. Cos Cupertino is seen fading the exclusivity of an iPad Pro, the first almost 13-inch tablet on the market, although expectations remain very high. If it wants to stay on the crest of the wave, however, the Californian company cannot exceed Q3: the tablet will have to be in the hands of consumers around the beginning of summer.

The choice of the Q3 for the forecast would not, in reality, be random or senseless: it is rumored that iPad Pro may be already in the preliminary production phase and will serve at least all the Q2 so that Apple can have a sufficient number of copies to conquer the market . Overcoming the summer or even waiting for the Christmas period would however be madness, so the third quarter becomes the ideal candidate for marketing.

From the point of view ofhardware nothing is known yet, only the 12 ″ display should have one resolution of 2.7322.048 pixels for 265 ppi of density of points and having an operating system very similar to OS X but with a lot in common with iOS, in short it will be a hybrid between the two OS.

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