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The ghost card

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The story of the release of the GeForce4 graphics processors appears increasingly curious: we said yesterday that, although announced, in addition with great pomp, by Apple as one of the most interested factors of its renewed G4 for Nvidia, which produces them, they simply do not exist. They are not present in its product list, they are not in the press releases and there are not even in the roadmap where more generally we talk about a chip called NV-25. As if this were not enough Nvidia in these hours is trying to erase all traces of the GeForce4 from all Internet sites that continuously publish specifications and even images of the chips. First it forced some retailers who had recklessly put cards based on these processors in the public lists to remove them, then it slingshot on some independent sites that had detailed descriptions of the finally, even journalists from respectable and not at all indiscretions sites, such as ZDNet, who had given information on the matter, were contacted by Nvidia to remove articles on the matter. At explicit requests for comments on the Nvidia chips, he remains silent, claiming that he has nothing to say about unannounced and officially yet to be presented products. Curious case, we said, because despite so much secrecy, information on the cards is in plain sight on the site Apple that the cards advertises with discreet emphasis on some of the pages dedicated to the G4 and that at the moment are the only public and undisputed confirmation of the existence of a graphics processor called G4.

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