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The EU says yes to the merger between Compaq and HP

marzo 18, 2020

The EU says yes to the merger between Compaq and HP logomacitynet1200wide 1

Thumbs up from the EU for the merger between HP and Compaq. As expected, the Commission announced yesterday that it had no reservation on the agreement for which, therefore, at least in the old continent there would be a green light on. Antitrust officials, yesterday, said that under the profile of any damage to consumers and competition, the decision by the two companies to merge their activities does not present any risk. "HP – says a document – will not be in a position to increase prices and will have strong competition from IBM, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens" HP's fears about the possibility that the EU would say "no" to the agreement were real. In the past, the Commission rejected the merger between General Electric and Honeywell without appeal, provoking a hive of controversy in the USA. Now for HP it is a question of obtaining the same approval in Australia and, above all, in the USA. But the real test will be the shareholders' meeting which will have to ratify the decision of the two boards of directors. At the moment it is not at all certain that the assembly will

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