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The best 5 reminder apps for pills and medications

24When you have health problems, or more generally you get sick, you have to take a daily treatment with certain medicines. Often and willingly, however, it happens to forget to take the drugs prescribed by the doctor or even not to remember if a pill has been taken or not. In this regard, through specifications Reminder app for pills and medications You can use your smartphone as a companion for your health. But which are the best for this purpose? Let's go find out together!

The 5 best apps for not forgetting to take drugs

  1. MyTherapy – Pills and Drugs Reminder –Recommended by us
  2. Medicine time!
  3. Pill Logger – Meds Tracker
  4. Pills reminder
  5. Medicine – pills time reminder

MyTherapy – Reminder for pills and drugs

Reminder for medicines, drugs and pill

Do you need a simple to use medicine reminder? Do you want help managing your medication intake and keeping track of your health? MyTherapy the best application suitable for this purpose, designed to remember and document your therapy. Allows you to create various drug intake programs and plan their hiring.

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Medicine time!

Medicine time!

Equipped with a feature that allows you to set even discontinuous intervals for taking drugs, Medicine time will allow you to never forget to use the medicines prescribed by your doctor, thanks to a series of alarmspersonalized, different for different days, and convenient notifications as a reminder for your treatment.

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Pill Logger – Meds Tracker

Pill Logger - Meds Tracker

Following, Pill Logger allows you to create a real one log of all medicines taken. can add the drug with the detailed description, customize the dosage, record whenever you take it; set a reminder, create a custom widget to record the dose with a single touch, accurately monitor your hiring over time with detailed graphicsas well as export the logs to a .CSV file, so as to consult them with convenience from another device.

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Medisafe – Medication and medicine reminder

Reminder Drugs and Medicines

With the ability to schedule a notification and alarm for drug intake, it has an intuitive interface and is capable of providing the best user experience in its field, Medisafe can handle medications for many complex health conditions, including: diabetes, heart disease or cancer. It is also a perfect companion for those who need a tool to organize their intake of vitamins or medications for blood pressure, glucose level monitoring, menstrual cycle monitoring and other health problems.

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Medicine – pills time reminder

medicine - pills time reminder

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a no-frills app to take care of your health, a valid alternative to remember when to take medications Medicine – pills time reminder, which allows you to create and edit simple reminders to monitor your health and keep the intake of pills and other drugs under control. To add a new drug, just select "Add medicine"And continue adding all the useful information.

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