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Telegram X: the experimental version of Telegram arrives on Android!

If you make extensive use of Telegram, you will surely have come across the Challegram client, an app that offered additional functions and an optimized user experience. Apparently the Russian company appreciated the good that is in the application and decided to buy the company, deciding to revive it as Telegram X. Despite having the same basic features of the app, it offers more than experimental functions compared to the standard version.

Telegram X: Challegram is acquired by the company and becomes an experimental app

The app immediately seems smoother and faster than the main app and acts as laboratory of experimental functions, to be possibly introduced later in the standard version, in a similar way to what was done for Chrome in its Canary version.

Telegram X

For example, it will be possible to touch a conversation for a long time, so as to obtain a pop-up preview, in case you don't want to open the chat. You can also configure the text size, in case the "normal" size in the settings is not convenient for you. also present one night mode for the small hours.

Telegram XTelegram X

Challegram was originally based app open source TDLib, which probably also had some extra features, as it was also used by other third party applications. The fact that it was acquired by Telegram to be transformed into Telegram X is certainly interesting news.

In fact, the app, in addition to being used to develop new functions for the standard version, will probably be appreciated by handcuffs, which will have the possibility of being able to put their hand preview to the new functions, also having some extra features. If you want to take a ride, you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

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