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Status bar and statusbar problem on iPhone, iPod and iPad after Jailbreak …


Here is the guide to solve the status bar status bar problems on iOS 7 (iPhone, iPod and iPad) after the Jailbreak

Did you jailbreak iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPod and iPad and now you have problems with the status bar? Is the status bar of your iPhone, iPod and iPad having problems after iOS 7 jailbreak? No problem, in this guide we explain how to solve it easily.

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Unfortunately, as reported by various users, after the iOS 7 jailbreak the status bar of some iPhones, iPods and iPads started to have some problems. The tweak that performs the jailbreak, in fact, has been updated several times by the developers, but still not perfect and could lead to some problems on the devices on which it is used, such as the one linked to the status bar, which in some applications is not displayed correctly after the jailbreak.

If you have also encountered this problem, do not worry, because in this guide we will see together how to solve everything in the simplest and most immediate way possible.

therefore, if you also have the problem related to the status bar, which does not display correctly in some applications, after the jailbreak of iOS 7 on iPhone, iPod and iPad. you are in the right place to solve your problem.

The status bar problem appears to be caused by Cydia, and Cydia will help you solve it thanks toa simple tweakwhich you can download and install on the fly. Let's see how.

Status bar and statusbar problem on iPhone, iPod and iPad after iOS 7 Jailbreak: here's how to fix it

The really simple guide to follow and certainly within the reach of all users.

  1. Open Cydia and go inManage
  2. SelectSources
  3. SelectEdittop right and thenaddtop left
  4. specific add the new repo

Inside the newly added repository, you will find the tweakStatusBarFix2.Download and install this tweak and perform an automatic respring of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. On the next reboot, you may notice thatthe status bar should be displayed correctly in all applications and the problem will be solved.

It worked for me. Do you also confirm?

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