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Smart Reply will arrive on the messaging, Messenger and WhatsApp apps included

The Mountain View giant, committed to improving the user experience Android, seems to have convinced himself of the goodness of the idea of ​​sharing the function Smart Reply for all messaging apps.

Google Smart Reply: what it is and how it works

Artificial intelligence and learning machine, one of the strengths shown by Google the latest developments consist in the possibility of providing real and rapid forecasts for responses and behaviors in specific apps, and this is the case with Smart Reply.

The idea, currently viewed on Inbox, Gmail and even At the, provides a range of quick quick response options for mail or general messages which, depending on the notification system, allow the user to preview a message and provide an immediate response without even having to open the related app .

Smart Reply demonstration GIF Credit: Tech Crunch

Hence the idea of ​​extending, almost probably, the advantages of functionality to all the main messaging apps within Android with pre-set options, such as "Do not disturb" mode, a response system during the holidays and even an emergency mode dedicated to bypassing silent modes in case of need.

Smart Reply coming soon for everyone: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on the launch pad, the list of services will be wide and rich.

According to indications from sources close to Area 120, one of the incubator projects of the Moutain View giant, the function would be under test to be extended soon to all the main messaging apps although it is not clear whether in the form of an additional app or function integrated into Android.

It is clear how the first services to benefit from them will be Facebook Messenger is Whatsapp, the list of competitors by dense and also includes Skype, Twitter and Slack, in addition to the basic native services such as Android Messages and Allo in which it will naturally be integrated.

Fonte: Ida Torres - AndroidCommunity

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